Finish/ Trim Schedules & Interior Elevations

Many large projects have seemingly endless decisions. HC Design is here as a resource and tool, to help make design decisions and accurately communicate these decisions to the contractor. We provide detailed schedules and large scale drawings for areas that require more detail, such as kitchens, plumbing layout in bathrooms and tile design.

Finish Schedule is a spreadsheet delineating each individual room’s floor, ceiling, wall & built-in materials and details.

Trim Schedule is a spreadsheet used to organize each room’s window & door trim, crown molding, baseboard and any wall molding, such as wainscoting, bead board, or chair rail. We can specify stock trim material or custom design a molding to be knifed and milled by a local woodworking supplier. ½” scale drawings can also be provided to diagram exactly how each molding is going to be used, which can be helpful to the client and the contractor.

These documents are important when bidding out a project with multiple contractors, as the more information provided to each contractor, the more accurate their costs of the project will be, and easier for the homeowner to compare each bid.